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New Clients :
Birth chart reading

60 mins  /   $250  or sliding scale

Your astrology chart is the blue print of your soul.
It is a map of your personality, your character,  shows your talents, your inner tensions, your patterns. 
Your chart will tell you about your timing, and how to use it to get closer to your personal goals, and support you in your growth. 
This session will help you gain deeper self understanding,  and offer some real life, concrete tips to help you continue to grow and flourish.

Relationship/ Family reading

60 mins  /   $350  or sliding scale

In this session we will compare two charts, yours and your beloved's.
You will learn about  your complementarity, your compatibility, your patterns, what the strengths and weaknesses of the relationship are.

We will come up with practical exercises  to do together and personalized individual tips to give you both as renewed sense of support and togetherness.

I use the same method for couples, parents and their children and friends, and only with the consent of your partner.

Returning clients reading

60 mins  /   $200  or sliding scale

For people who already have had an in-depth chart reading, this is a session in which we discuss your timing and see what energies are at play for you at the moment, and how to best use them to achieve your goals. 

(This can  include various techniques such as solar returns, annual profections, time lord, transits, solar arcs, progressions, or astrocartography)

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